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Principal Negotiation

The advantage of principal negotiation over positional negotiation is that, apart from reaching an agreement on disputes and conflicts, it also takes into account all parties' interests, like continuing the business and personal relationship, or expanding mutual (business) activities.

Furthermore, this negotiation method strives for possible mutual benefit, and the applying of objective and independent criteria in case of conflicting interests.
The parameters for working with this method of principal negotiation can be framed as such:

  • Separate the people from the problem.
    In other words, treat the content of the conflict separately from the interpersonal relations between parties. Interpersonal relations require well-measured and clear communication.
    By using the right, well-measured form of communicating, irritations and negative emotions can be avoided, leaving room to fully focus on the problem.
  • Aim for mutual interest, not positions.
    This framework concerns itself with the negative effects of focusing too strongly on positions, while the objectives of negotiation are determining and agreeing on underlying interests.
  • Create options for mutual benefits.
    A mutual brainstorming session about possible benefits not yet brought to the table can usually lead to a sense of bonding and the will to reach a solution together. However, making mutual decisions about all possibilities brought up by the parties involved should only happen afterwards, because it will stall the creative process.
  • Propagate the use of objective criteria.
    In case of conflicts where a consensus cannot be reached, the use of independent criteria must be stressed. In applying these criteria, none of the parties will feel an explicit disadvantage.
    This means an amicable solution is still within the realm of possibilities.

We can offer joint negotiations or act on your behalf, as well as facilitate negotiations between two or more parties based on the method of principal negotiation.

Apart from leading to an amicable solution, the results typically lead to a significant win-win situation.

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