Mediation in General

The increasing popularity of mediation stems from a realization that legal procedures don't always offer the right perspective of approaching disputes. A different, well-proven method can offer a more sustainable solution: Mediation!

This insight has also made its way into politics. In many European countries legislative proposals have been ratified by governments to provide the profession of mediation with a more defined legal framework. Among others, this would mean regulating the attorney-client privilege by law, and providing the possibility to convert the contract of settlement (between the different parties) into an enforcement order.

In the Netherlands, several institutions (NFM, NMV) and branch organizations for qualified mediators have since long existed, requiring them to submit to rules of conduct, regulations, disciplinary law, complaints procedures, training, and permanent education requirements.

The IMI oversees the register of qualified mediators internationally in Europe, in collaboration with local institutions (NFM in the Netherlands).

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