Conflict Management

Conflict management can be best described as the early identification and mapping of business and labor conflicts, in order to avoid further escalation and thus creating openings for solutions.

We recognize three types of manageable conflicts.

  • Substantially escalated conflicts. The parties involved are not on speaking terms and emotions are running high. Furthermore, the parties have taken up their position in such a way that mediation and careful process management are the only ways to reach a solution.
  • Somewhat escalated business conflicts. Parties are still on speaking terms, meaning that mutually beneficial interests and solutions can be sought through mediation and negotiation.
  • Potential business conflicts. This means mapping potential matters of dispute when entering into agreements, contracts or other types of engagement, in order to alert the parties involved about possible escalation in case of disputes. Furthermore, each potential conflict will be individually reviewed in order to come to the most economic and time-efficient solution.

We can help you to identify possible future conflicts, start procedures to signal potential disputes, and recognize the economic consequences of these conflicts to better judge how to deal with these.

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