Crisis Management

When a crisis is imminent, time is usually on short supply. Decisions need to be made fast and a workable plan must be presented as soon as possible.
Apart from that, any reorganization demands that legal procedures must be followed with regards to Works Councils, unions, and government.

It is recommended to hire an external manager early on, who can start putting things in order and who is given a mandate to take immediate action. This will roughly result in halting the cash out, a rapid assessment of possibilities and implementation of necessary short-term changes.

The next step is building a plan together with the internal management, to facilitate a quick economic recovery after the necessary steps and reorganizations have been completed. Needless to say, you should not wait too long with appointing a crisis manager when things threaten to get out of hand. In other words, this type of situation calls for quick and appropriate action. We can usually immediately provide a specialist to assist you in taking care of your business.

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